All goods are warranted by the Seller to be free from defects in material and workmanship as follows: 

Hammocks and Hammock Chairs
Twelve (12) months from date of purchase 

Hammock Stands
Twelve (12) months from date of purchase 

Hammock Accessories
Twelve (12) months from date of purchase 

THIS WARRANTY DOES NOT APPLY TO GOODS WHICH ARE MISUSED, OR ABUSED, OR DAMAGED FROM SETUP OR ASSEMBLAGE, OR NOT USED IN ACCORDANCE WITH SELLER’S INSTRUCTIONS. NORMAL WEAR OF GOODS IS NOT INCLUDED IN THIS WARRANTY. Goods not manufactured by the Seller but supplied through the Seller shall carry the warranty of the original manufacturer. THE SELLER’S SOLE LIABILITY UNDER THIS WARRANTY SHALL BE LIMITED TO REPLACING WITHOUT CHARGE, OR AT SELLER’S OPTION, REFUNDING THE PURCHASE PRICE. THE SELLER SHALL IN NO EVENT BE LIABLE FOR ANY OTHER DIRECT OR ANY SPECIAL INDIRECT OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES OF ANY KIND UNDER THIS CONTRACT OR OTHERWISE. The warranties of the Seller do not cover, and the Seller makes no warranty with respect to any defect, failure, deficiency, or error which is: (a) Not timely reported to the Seller; or (b) Due to modification, disassembly or abnormal conditions of temperature. All claims must be brought within one (1) year of sale or identification of a defect.THERE ARE NO OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED. 

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